Tournament aimed at Rugby Clubs, schools and colleges, both national and international.

The tournament will consist of a group stage, split up by age category, and once this stage is completed when everyone has played everyone, the final stages will start - the quarter finals, semi-finals and final.

The results and tables will be published on the main board at the event’s venue, in addition to being published on the tournament’s website, and delivered to the person in charge of each participating team at the end of each day.

After each game, the referee and the representative of each team together with the assigned controller will sign the score sheet, the latter who must give the said sheet to the control table.

Besides informing the control table of the result, the controllers must report the tries for and against each team, with points difference being the determining factor in case of a draw in the groups, as well as the head to head results between teams that are level.

The playing time will be adjusted with the maximum time regulated by the Spanish Rugby Gradual for two day tournaments, playing short games to offer the maximum number of games played against one another.

With the aim of keeping to the schedule, teams will have to be prepared five minutes before the start of their games in their appointed waiting area.

During all the term of the Tournament, two ambulances with a service of three doctors and four nourses, as well as of two physiotherapists, will be available.

Only the players, coaches, representatives and controllers will be able to access the pitch, all who will be perfectly recognisable with their accreditation that the teams will be given.

Families and companions will remain in the areas set out for spectators and the stands.

You will be given each team a pack of water

If it is posible the organization will assign a changing room for each team with free access and space to deposit material and backpacks of the players.