Fun activities:

Shaped around the spirit of the game and aimed at children, various events will take place at the event’s venue that will complete the leisure opportunities for those taking part and visitors, who will gain access to them for free.

Teaching workshops:

Their overall objective will be to introduce children to the basic values of rugby giving them essential knowledge to start with when they play the sport and encourage them to do so. Furthermore, the workshops will have a strong practical and inclusive emphasis.

Sport Workshop:

In this area you will practice your kicking, tackling and various skills throughout an inflatable track which has exclusively been designed for the Tournament. These inflatables will allow children to exercise rugby in a fun and amiable environment.

Nerf Area:

It is the second year in a row that Hasbro choses Pantera Tournament as the perfect fit where to advertise their NERF toys. The set up has 3 tents which compose a sport circuit where children will learn the skills necessary to control the toys. Will you dare to try it out?

Food Trucks:

Food trucks get to Pantera Tournament! We have arranged a whole variety of food trucks for you and those who you care the most for. Players and supporters will be able to enjoy the best Kebobs, burgers, sweet and sour crepes, pizza and ice cream, all of them at great pricing. Irresistible even for the fanciest guests!

Mini Rugby Club:

This leisure and gaming area is created so that the youngest in the family start enjoying rugby by participating in drawing workshops, getting tattoos, and engaging in a variety of activities tailored to their delight.